A few tips to help you make the most of your trip

Things to Consider

Travel Insurance

Ensure you have travel insurance–medical/travel–this is not included in the trip. While it is an extra upfront cost, it is useful to have in case of unforeseen circumstances.

US Cash

You may want to have some US cash on you rather than just relying on your credit/debit cards. Some businesses may only accept cash transactions and is convenient for leaving gratuities.

Bank Travel Notice

Most banks appreciate to be informed when you are travelling to the US prior to departure.

Cell Phone Plan

A cell phone plan for texting/calling could be a worthy investment to avoid roaming and international calling charges. Inquire with your service provider.

Passport Information

You cannot travel without a passport. Make a copy/scan of your passport and travel insurance information and keep separately from originals–always good to have just in case.

The tour guide will request your passports when you begin your tour. You will be required to come off the bus when going into the States–you will answer a few short questions each at the Customs counter. Prior to entry back into Canada, you will be required to complete a questionnaire regarding what you are bringing across the border. The bus will be stopping at the Duty Free prior to the border crossing. Allowable amount for more than 4 days of travel is $800 CDN dollars (includes alcohol/tobacco purchased at Duty Free).

Children travelling without both parents need a consent to travel form. If you take medications, it must be in its original containers.


Don’t forget your batteries/chargers for cameras/phones/laptops! Depending on the amount of pictures you may be taking you may want to bring an additional memory card.


  • You are allowed one standard size bag to store and a carry on for overhead compartment. Do not lock luggage in case they choose to go through them at Customs. Clearly mark your luggage with a name tag.
  • A rain coat and umbrella are good to have–although we only hope for sunny weather!
  • Make sure you have good walking shoes – you may put lots of miles on your feet.
  • You may want to bring a pillow, neck pillow or small blanket for the bus.


This is almost always the fastest way to get anywhere, except late at night when taxis can, and do, fly through the city streets. If you plan to travel on the subway a fair amount, it may be more cost effective to buy a 7 day Metro Card which will cost you $29.00 as opposed to a single ride at $2.50.

The motor coach will transport you every day to attractions as on itinerary, and back to hotel every evening. Reliable City transit is an minimal additional cost and can be easily accessed directly in front of the hotel. A reputable and trustworthy limousine company name is provided by the tour guide and is available for $100–or if more than 5 passengers, $20 per person–fun splurge!

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