6 Tech Devices to Bring to New York City

tech new york city

Getting ready to go on your Food for Life bus tour and wondering what you should bring with you? We’ve come up with a list of tech items we think are essential for getting the most out of your days on the bus and in The Big Apple!

Fitbit or Step tracker

Bringing a fitness tracker shows you how much activity you actually do. Yes you’re on the bus a lot, but the days you’re in the city you’re spending a lot of time on your feet and it’s cool to know how much you’re moving. Count on meeting your step goals on the days that you’re in NYC!


It’s not very often that any of us are without our smartphones, so why include this in our list? Well, When we went on our trip to NYC we went relying on Wifi. Now when we go again, we will definitely be investing in an international data package. Not for the purpose of texting and Instagramming our epic adventures around New York, but to get us to the places we want to go. Google Maps is a lifesaver, and while there are lots of stores, restaurants, and hotels that provide free Wifi, you don’t want to spend a lot of your days in Starbucks trying to figure out where you’re going. Plan ahead and create your own My Maps to keep track of the places that you’d like to see on your trip.

Laptop / iPad / Tablet

Bring your computer of choice on the bus to pass the time on the travel days. Play games, work or watch movies since the bus is equipped with Wifi. Movies are generally played at the front of the bus, but you can always plug into you’re own Netflix account to catch up on the latest episodes of your favourite shows. Do keep in mind that with everyone using the Wifi, it could be a bit slow, so feel free to download any movies or episodes that you want to watch to save you the buffering time.


This may not apply if you use your smartphone as your camera, but you should definitely bring something to capture the memories that you’re making on the trip. Views from the Freedom Tower, Central Park, or lights in Times Square are all things that you’ll want to look back on and brag about to all of your friends.

If you’re using your smartphone as your camera make sure you sync up with your computer before leaving home and transfer anything that’s not needed so you have the maximum amount of space available to you for photos.

Headphones / Music

If you’re watching a movie or listening to music on the bus you’ll want some headphones as to not disturb the other passengers. Use your smartphone, iPod, or MP3 player to listen to your favourite music on the ride. Sign up for Spotify Premium to listen to all the music you’d like, skip ads and download the tunes you like to avoid buffering and data/Wifi usage.


Are you a reader? Are you using valuable luggage space (that should be used for shopping, am I right ladies?) to bring books for the bus? Bring an E-Reader like a Kobo or Kindle instead to access all the books you’d like. You’ll have plenty of time to read on the bus on the way to NYC and back, so make the most of it.

Don’t have an e-reader? Audible is a great app to download audiobooks to listen to on the trip. They’re owned by Amazon so you know you’ll have lots of good options to choose from and you get 1 free book per month. Perfect for a bus tour!


Since you’re bringing all of these electronics don’t forget your chargers! There are spaces on the bus charge your devices and charge up each night before bed! You never want to miss a moment on the trip because you forgot to charge your phone or camera!

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