21 Things to Bring on a Bus Tour

things to bring on bus tour

So you’re going on a bus tour. You may be thinking “How am I going to survive on a bus for that long?!” Have no fear, we’ve come up with a list of items to bring with you to keep you comfortable, entertained, and prepared for the bus ride to and from NYC

  1. Blanket – In case your seat buddy loves the air conditioning and you don’t! Stay cozy on the bus while reading, sleeping, or watching movies
  2. Travel pillow – Let’s all be honest. Sleeping in a moving vehicle is a pain. Make it easier on yourself (and your neck!) by bringing a travel pillow to keep you comfy on the ride.
  3. Snacks – Bring lots of snacks! You will be spending lots of time of the bus, and there are lots of stops on the way, but you will spend a lot less money if you bring your own treats with you!
  4. Phone/iPod/iPad – A lot of tour buses these days have Wifi (because who can survive without the internet these days.) Instagram, tweet, and Facebook away to make your friends wish they were with you!
  5. Books – A great excuse to read that book that everyone is talking about! There’s lots of time to read on the way to and from NYC. If you’re an avid reader, save space and invest in a Kindle!
  6. Headphones/Earplugs – Listen to music and make it easier to sleep. There are lots of people on the bus so it can get a little bit loud at times (but believe me, there’s lots of napping going on, especially on the way home!)
  7. Movies – Whether you bring your own to watch on your laptop or iPad, or bring DVDs to play on the bus, movies make the time fly. Bonus points if you bring one set in New York!
  8. Sweater – Dress in layers on the bus! It’s always easier to take clothes off than sit and freeze to death in air-conditioning with no more layers to put on!
  9. Socks – To get comfy, and as mentioned above, to stay warm. If you wear sandals, you may want a pair of cozy socks for the drive
  10. Chargers – Again, modern day buses typically are up to date on most technology. So bring your chargers to make sure your camera never dies in the Big Apple. You don’t want to miss a thing!
  11. Notebook/pen – Journal a bit about your trip every day! Write on the way into the city each morning and evening to keep track of what you do each day.
  12. Research – Print off your research on activities and sightseeing to keep with you for your free time. Mark each point on your map so you know where you are in relation to points of interest
  13. Map (optional) – You will be given a map of the city on the bus, however, if you find a good map that you want to bring along with you, by all means, you can’t have too many maps.
  14. Passport – You will obviously need to bring your passport on the bus to get over the border. Make sure that you always know where you put your passport and keep it zipped up and safe.
  15. Wallet – To buy snacks and lunch on the way to and from NYC and to bring with you to pay for activities and meals.
  16. Hand sanitizer – To use before you eat on the bus or after being in a store.
  17. Camera – To capture your memories! There are lots of things to take pictures of in New York so don’t hold back! Take lots of pictures to remember this wonderful trip.
  18. Huge bag 😉 – To carry all of the things mentioned above. To keep on the bus so you have everything with you. Bonus points if it has a cooler compartment for your snacks.
  19. Small purse – To carry with you in the city with your money, camera, etc.
  20. Extra memory – You don’t want to run out of room for all of the pictures you’re taking! Better safe than sorry!
  21. Portable battery – Bring a portable charging battery for your phone if you will be using it on the bus, or to take pictures in the city!

Well, there you have it, folks! Our list of 21 things we couldn’t live without on the trip to the Big Apple. What can you not live without when you’re travelling? We would love to hear your suggestions!

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